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“Dr. Donald Perry is the                           
Jacques Cousteau of the                   
  rain-forest...” New York Times     
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Dr. Don Perry

Dr. Donald Perry

For over three decades Dr. Perry has developed new methods for exploring and understanding the complex biological communities found in the tops of tropical trees.

He was the first to use zip-lines to study the rain forest canopy. This work appeared on the covers of Scientific American, Smithsonian, and New York Sunday Times magazines. It was featured in Newsweek, Life, Geo, Paris Match, Quick of Germany, as well as numerous publications and documentaries worldwide.

The feature film Medicine Man was based upon his book LIFE ABOVE THE JUNGLE FLOOR .

Dr. Perry's canopy access methods are now used world wide by a network of arboreal biologists who are uncovering secrets of tree top life.

Dr. Perry founded the Rain Forest Aerial Tram of Costa Rica and the company he founded built the canopy tram on the Island of Dominica.

Presently he is developing ECOTRAM TM an elevated cableway for nature observation and research.

Dr. Don Perry
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